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Texts4Biz offers the following tools to deliver a tightly integrated platform tailored to your needs.

List Building

No need to build your list one number at a time anymore. While you must be able to acquire a customer’s permission

Customize your data

We customize the information on your opt in message such as Name, Email Address, Birthday, Anniversary, Zip code, Area Code...

Customize your sends

You’ve built a very large list and don’t want to send the entire list at one time. Texts4Biz filter allows you to send as many messages as you want to send at that time! What we do is take those numbers out of play the next time you send to a partial list so you can send your list equally or change offers to see what works best for your business. We allow those numbers to be sent if you send to your entire list!


We offer each account the ability to run their own campaigns as well on behalf of their clients as well as sell our platform on your behalf.


Each business we provide a 10 digital local phone number along with a keyword. Businesses with large lists may need multiple keywords and numbers to send off of.

Send by name

When someone enters their name into your account, we can now send a message to them addresses to each person personally. A nice touch that differentiates from other platforms.

Unique Code

Have a campaign where you send to several thousand people at one time and need something for the guest to input at checkout or to mention to your staff?

Birthday / Anniversary / Zip Code campaigns

Take your sending to a whole new level by targeting your audience with the information they provide to you! Send a birthday offer once a month with all the birthdays for that month in your database.

Two Way Chat

Texts4Biz offers its proprietary platform to allow your audience to ask questions you can answer immediately.


As soon as your campaign is sent, we can provide a full report of how many texts were sent and delivered Texts4Biz campaigns have some of the highest percentage of success in the industry.

Scheduling a post

Too busy to put a post together on the fly? We’ve got you covered. We offer the ability for you to put your post together...

Creative Design

Looking for the perfect creative and design to send out to your audience? Texts4Biz can design your message with or without images, design a template, input your message, grab links, add unique codes and send it immediately...

Our platform works in more than 150 countries. We have clients from all over the world that use our platform!

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More to Know


SMS VS MMS - What’s the difference?

An SMS message is a short 160 character message that can highlight a great offer from a restaurant, a text message from your doctor confirming your appointment while an MMS allows 10x more characters 1600 vs 160 and can send up to 10 images to your audience. We strongly recommend a gif style campaign if you’re putting together targeted image campaigns as one rotating images is easier to view than separate images. MMS campaigns are best optimized by taking advantage of the 1600 character limit and sending a longer style format that highlights are experts putting together wildly successful campaigns and have been doing this since 2009.

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Try us out on our dime! We’re believers in doing good! We have been a charitable company since our inception and now with so many people being affected by the pandemic, it’s becomes even more important to help and show people that way.

Our Achievements

3,500 Satisfied clients running campaigns everyday
1,500,000 Campaigns successfully delivered since 2009
2,000,000,000 Happy messages sent since inception

About us

Texts4Biz has been offering small, medium and large size businesses, the best practices to deliver their opt in text message since 2009. With open rates of 99.5 percent, with 96% opening your message within 3 minutes, an SMS, which stands for Short Message Service, or MMS, which stands for MultiMedia Messaging Service, is the the most powerful platform any business can choose to connect with their customer. At Texts4Biz, we offer experts to help you craft your message tailored to your exact needs.